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I'm a bookoholic who loves to read, cook and listen to the music! I'm a student, I like hanging out with my friends. And I love my dog, Pixie!!

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Darkest Child: A Novel

The Darkest Child - Delores Phillips The book is good-it's a fact. This book isn't easy- it's a fact too. The story, hmm, can I write interesting about something awful? The story is bitter, painful, even physicality and unbelievable. Some may say that it is just another book about dysfunctional family, or another way of presenting child abuse or racism. Telling the truth, it's a combination of all of that. The story is narrated by Tangy- the youngest child of Rosie who is as dangerous to her children as racists and other criminals. The book is sad and moving but compelling as well. Maybe it's because we like to read sad and touching stories, or maybe we like to spy through the key hole others lives. Well, I would't like to witness this kind of life and family- I didn't know that a mother can be so cruel and callous to her children. Very strong, deep and emotional.