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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity & Learning Disorders Questions & Answers

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity And Learning Disorders: Questions And Answers - J. Gordon Millichap I met and took care of a child who probably had this ADD syndrome, however, I lacked knowledge about this illness, I didn't know how to speak to him. I didn't understand why he behaved the way he did. he didn't understand me and I him. It was a real vicious circle. I felt very guilty of myself, I'm not a prof in this respect and I definitely lacked knowledge and experience. The book gave me an insight into ADD child's mind. It present not any easy problem in an easy way. Hartman compares ADD people to hunters in the world of farmers! I think it's brilliant! The book gives absolutely positive view of people suffering from ADD, it made me understand some behavior schema. It says also that ADD doesn't have to be defeat but a quality in todays world. When we skim history all genius people had some problems and probably had ADD or ADHD. This should be a must read for anyone who works with children and for parents as well. Excellent way of giving positive light on an issue that was perceived as something very problematic and troublesome. The whole book, though isn't so cheery and and all-problems-of -the-world-solving. It has also some bitter remarks, e.g. when it comes to medical treatment of ADD and ADHD. The situation isn' t easy, that's a fact, however, this books makes it look a little better, brighter and with full comprehensive insight.